Brands are powerful, they have influence, reach & scale, resource, creativity
and cultural understanding. Today, their potential often is not being realised.

I exist to leverage your (Good) Potential.

Your organisation, your context, your brand, your culture, your stakeholders and what they expect from you.

Where your organisation intersects with the world‘s biggest challenges, and what this means for your business and brand.

What a step change in your impact could achieve.

I use my years of experience to establish your differentiated place in the future with you. Your vision, purpose and holistic target picture of your „Good Business Company“.

Which fields need change and how you achieve this. A 360º definition across brand values, purpose, positioning, products, services, processes, corporate identity and communication.

Unless everyone within your organisation is sold on the path to change, it won’t happen. An agile cross functional High Performance Team that is integrated into the work from day one. It functions as spearhead in your organisation, spreading the idea and securing high acceptance.



Future challenges can be overwhelming, why their discussions often are neglected or postponed. To futureproof your business, you need to embrace and look at them with fresh and new perspectives.

I am there to make it easy for you, inspire and give new impulses. I slice the elephant and help you turn risks into opportunities.

Once I understand your actual situation, I can organise this into a simple map that offers transparency as a spring board for further explorations.

Eye openers and insights help to accelerate out of the box thinking. I will challenge and inspire with benchmarks, use cases, research and real live experiences to drive deep recognition of what this could mean for you.

How your status quo is influenced by fresh perspectives. I will guide you to compare the differences between your actual situation and your possible future picture.



Many businesses already have a function that cares about Corporate Social Responsibility. But all too often it enables business as usual, rather than change it in order to leverage full potential for both, the business and the planet.

I am determined to make sustainability leap into the future. This doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. It means making the most of the foundations that have been laid, evolve and launch into real leadership.

Once I understand your impacts, I create a structured overview showing who you are, what you do and what your stakeholders expect.

Change will only happen with clear targets that stretch. I do make sure they are also realistic and supported by a pathway to achieving them.

Achieving goals means to tackle the identified potentials. Low hanging fruits and longterm measurements. I will define your individual road to reach your sweet spot.

Because I know it’s the only way to create any real change, I bring together a wide range of internal stakeholders and make sure every function throughout the organisation gets what this means for them.



Every company faces the challenge of making its business futureproof. There is no doubt that pursuing a responsible business is one of the strongest levers to succeed in the future. Yet considerations often do not lead to the desired results as they remain limited within given boundaries.

I inspire broad thinking with insights, facts, eye openers, benchmarks, real live experiences and my expertise to accelerate fresh perspective and new approaches.

Having understood your aim, challenges and biggest questions, I connect external insights with your situation or a certain goal to accelerate fruitful thinking.