What drives Me


I am a brand strategy professional and help executives to integrate Responsibility into their core strategy in a way that their business outperforms competition, unlocks brand and profit potentials longterm and – on top – creates a positive impact on our planet. A win-win-situation for both sides.

I work with a tailormade approach that unlocks the unique personality of your brand and let‘s it shine. No standard models or complex, unaccessible solutions. Instead, reduction of complexity, simplicity, fresh perspectives and actionable solutions that carve out the greatest potential for your brand. Futureproof. Superior. Preferred by your customers, because you combine emotion, substance and future orientation in the best way. This is what I can achieve for you. With you.

During my professional career of 24+ years, I have built, rebuilt and transformed brands and subbrands, have charged them with emotions and substance, extended or refocused & prepared them for a sustainable future with measurable success (e.g. MINI: +35% brand value in 5 years; Interbrand).

Brand Strategy is a kind of a craftsmanship. Understood well, it can be applied to any industry, because the underlying mechanism works in a comparable way, no matter what segment. But in order to produce an outstanding piece of strategy it then needs observing, listening and understanding thoroughly the product, the customer, the company, the competition, the context, to finally draw the right conclusions for each individual brand. This requires expertise and experience, both of which I have gained over the years and would like to share and apply.

If you are interested in producing an outstanding piece of strategy and moving the needle for your brand, business & the planet, I am there to support you.


After my Diploma in European Business Management in Germany and Ireland, I joined the BMW Group in Munich in 1996. First I gathered substantial experiences as Inhouse Consultant, before I was asked to start up and launch the business field ConnectedDrive for the BMW Group. With a fully fledged 360º strategy, I built the brand with my team and brought the innovation of connecting cars first to market.

Joining the MINI brand from 2008, I strengthened my car related experiences in Product Strategy and Product Management with focus on Human Machine interface, Connectivity, Driving Experiences and Innovations, before I moved on to manage the MINI brand within the BMW Group Brand Portfolio.

From there I was nominated to join a small, exclusive team of diverse individuals in 2014 to rethink the MINI brand and develop a futureproof vision.

In the following years I took on my role as Head of Global MINI Brand Strategy, relaunched and transformed the brand towards its brand vision, built an all electric future, enriched it by customer centric brand fields (Startup Accelerator URBAN-X, Design Hub A/D/O) and set up the Responsibility Strategy for the next two decades. In this time MINI, including its subbrands, achieved a significant rise in brand value.

Driven by my conviction, that businesses have the strongest lever on driving sustainability, I left the BMW Group in 2021 in order to reach more companies, willing to turn their business into good business. With my consultancy BB&R, my aim is now to achieve a win-win-situation for both, the businesses and the planet by combining Brand, Business & Responsibility in a profitable way.

Today I live in Munich with my husband and my 15 years old son.